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Commercial Laundry

You’ll find us in a variety of laundries including hotels and hospitality, long-
term care and assisted living facilities, and gyms and health clubs.


Top Quality Equipment

Our equipment stands up to the demands of the heavy use of on-premise laundry. We offer hard mount and soft mount washers/extractors and large capacity dryers from brands such as Primus and ADC with the option of disinfecting ozone systems. We also offer vended and non-vended homestyle laundry equipment perfect for guest or residential use. And, equipment buy-back programs make updating your laundry equipment even more affordable.

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Sales, Rental or Service

Equipment sale and rental options are available, as well as our exclusive Total Care Option. Total Care provides equipment and service under one monthly payment designed to increase productivity and output, while reducing costs with no up-front capital investment.

Who is this solution best for?

Optimizing operations

The laundry facility can easily become one of the biggest resource drains for a hotel. Luckily, WASH has a variety of solutions designed specifically for the hospitality industry that can help lighten your load. From affordable washer and dryer rentals and sales to disinfecting and energy-saving ozone  systems, and our Total Care service and maintenance package, we’ll ensure your hotel’s on-premise laundry operations are operating at maximum efficiency.

Reduce wear and tear

Keeping the bed sheets, towels and other linens clean and ready for guest use is a demanding process. And, the sub-par performance of aging machines can lead to unnecessary wear and tear. When you contract with WASH, we adhere to regular maintenance and service to prolong the life of your linens and your equipment.

Keeping guests happy

Keep your laundry operations running smoothly and your guests satisfied with WASH solutions tailored for Hospitality.

Comfort & caring go hand in hand

The feel of soft sheets. The smell of freshly laundered clothes. These are sensory experiences that can bring true comfort to patients, residents and visitors. That’s why Long-Term Care and Assisted Living facility  managers are investing in top-quality on-premise laundry solutions from WASH.

Beyond clean. Disinfected

In a healthcare setting, it’s not enough for laundry to just get clean — hygiene is crucial for your patients’ health. WASH’s ozone systems enable advanced disinfecting to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses while shortening wash cycles and saving energy.

Expert solutions for long-term care

Whether you’re looking for Total Care service and maintenance or if you just want to upgrade your high-capacity commercial washers and dryers, WASH provides expert solutions designed to meet the heavy demands of your facility’s on-premise laundry.

Don’t Sweat It!

Don’t let the responsibility of operating your gym’s laundry facilities weigh on you. WASH offers laundry solutions specifically designed for on-premise laundry centers at gyms and health clubs.

Fresh & Clean

Whether you simply want to offer your members a fresh towel after a workout, or you’re running a full-scale fluff and fold laundry service at your gym, WASH provides a variety of solutions to keep your on-premise laundry running smoothly. Plus, with WASH’s ozone systems, you can take confidence in knowing that all your gym’s laundry is truly clean and disinfected. In fact, our ozone systems kill germs and deodorize while using cold water and less detergent.

Join the Club

From fitness centers to yoga studios, pools, racquet clubs and weight rooms, facility managers depend on  WASH to provide large-capacity commercial washers and dryers to stand up to the daily demands of laundering towels, robes, workout clothes, uniforms and more.

Fixed Pricing & Total Confidence

If your existing laundry equipment is unreliable and is beginning to cost too much to maintain, opt for WASH’s Total Care package to take advantage of the latest laundry equipment without incurring any up-front costs. Benefit from the reassurance of fixed pricing and knowing there will be no unexpected repair bills when it comes to your laundry equipment!​​​​​

Upgrade Your Laundry Equipment

Total Care is a solution that allows you to upgrade to WASH’s latest laundry equipment without paying a penny up front. You receive new machines and 24/7 support, all within a contract that is paid for monthly throughout the term of the contract.​​​​​

Peace of Mind

Total Care means you can enjoy complete peace of mind for one simple monthly payment, and free yourself of the hassle and inconvenience that can come with maintaining commercial laundry equipment.​​​​​

Clean & Disinfect

Our ozone systems clean and disinfect better than traditional wash thermal cycles, disabling bacteria and viruses many times faster than conventional practices leaving white, fluffy and clean-smelling laundry.

Lower Utility Costs

You can reduce utility costs by up to 50% with cold water washing, while still getting all of the benefits of thermal cleaning and disinfection.

Shorten Wash Cycles

Our ozone systems also boost the performance of chemicals and shorten the traditional wash cycle, increasing wash quality and throughput.

Simple Integration

Easily integrated into both new or existing laundry equipment, our ozone systems feature user friendly controls and diagnostic panels that can be adjusted to meet diverse laundry requirements.

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