Technological advancements in the world of commercial laundry are truly changing on premise laundry facilities. A newer, less wasteful, more streamlined commercial laundry experience is now available for hotels, hospitals, gyms and salons. We’re highlighting some of the most impactful trends in on premise laundry today.

Water-Saving Commercial Washers

Many on premise laundry facility operators are choosing to opt for washers that have advanced water sensing technologies, allowing the machine to add exactly the amount of water required and not a drop more. This is essential, because it is estimated that 60 to 70 percent of washers run while being underloaded. You’ll save on your utility bills with decreased water usage, while helping save the planet too!

The perks aren’t all about the bottom line. Many eco-friendly organizations offer certification or accreditation that will impress and entice Earth-conscious customers and guests. Hotel operators can get involved with a green hotel program – other on premise facilities such as hospitals and health clubs can benefit from the Energy Star programs and standards. After all, we’re all in this together – we’ve only got one Earth.

Smart Dosing Commercial Laundry Equipment

This next trend is particularly popular for hotels, hospitals and busy fitness centers that rely on the ability to launder large loads of soiled laundry quickly and efficiently – smart dosing chemical systems. Commercial washers with automatic dosing chemical systems offer a better clean with reduced detergent usage through intelligent sensing and computer-aided measurement.

Overuse or incorrect mixing of chemicals can prevent clothing from rinsing clean, may damage equipment, and amount to costly losses year-over-year – and not just in chemical costs — excessive chemicals can even shorten the lifetime of your linens.

Automatic dispensing of chemicals also helps to streamline the washing process significantly. It aids in preventing user error and offers the convenience of push-button operation. Chemical savings, higher productivity, error proof laundry – what’s not to love?


Heavy Duty, Large Capacity Washers and Dryers

Businesses with on-premises laundry, especially gyms, hotels and hospitals, rely on the quick turnaround of linens and laundry to keep their workflow functional and their overall productivity up. As a result, many of these facilities’ operators are beginning to choose commercial machines with mega heavy capacity drums to meet the needs of their fast-paced businesses.

Modern engineering has enabled commercial washers and dryers to accurately handle loads of truly incredible size, up to 135 pounds! They can manage these mega-sized loads without decreasing machine lifetime or increasing service costs – while never sacrificing cleanliness or dryness of your linens. Larger loads drying more quickly — it’s like sweet music to your bottom line.

Ozone Systems for Disinfecting

Traditionally, harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach or the use of excessive heat has always been the germ-killing go-to for many in the laundry industry. The need for potent disinfection, however, doesn’t have to come bundled with the burden of a heavy chemical footprint. Furthermore, this method of disinfection offers less energy and water usage, too. Ozone disinfection is an environmentally friendly solution to sanitizing linens that pass through your commercial laundry machines while offering huge potential energy savings.

Ozone disinfection systems have the capacity to provide a greater clean than traditional sanitizing methods while maintaining their eco-friendly status. The WASH EcoTex ozone system, for example, offers effortless elimination of 99.99 percent of harmful microbes in every washed load, leaving no chance to compromise your facility’s health. So, where’s the catch? There is none! Ozone cleaning even reduces wear-and-tear and improves the look and feel of linens compared to traditional sanitizing methods.

This is a technology that was initially highlighted due to the viral concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, but also has found a solid footing on its own merit as well. Regardless of if you operate a gym, hotel, hospital or another type of facility, disinfection is likely at the front of your priorities list when performing commercial laundry duties. We’re proud to be a forerunner in a disinfection solution that is both Earth-friendly and offers superior results!

Reversing Dryers

Commercial dryers have come a long way from their origins – modern dryers are comprised of as much silicon circuitry as they are tumbler and heating element. This modernization allows the machines to intelligently perform, changing the conditions of the cycle as the load demands it.

A trend that has been making waves in the dryer technology world is reverse tumbling. There’s no grand illusion here, this technology does exactly what it sounds like – reverses the drum during the cycle. It may sound like a small difference, but the change in results can be dramatic. Reverse tumble drying offers an incredibly cheap and effective solution to one of the greatest issues that plague tumble dryers — tangling. By reversing the tumble direction mid-cycle, clothing and linens can detangle and begin to dry again. Reversing tumble dryers also tend to result in quicker dryer cycles, with more-thorough drying throughout the load, making them wizards of productivity and energy efficiency in your on premise laundry workflow.

Another trend that is easily overlooked, but makes a tremendous world of difference, is the addition of moisture sensors to commercial dryers. Sensors inside the drum detect the amount of water still inside your garments and adjust the cycle’s length and temperature accordingly. With intelligent moisture sensing, over-drying is a thing of the past — saving energy, wear and tear on your linens, and wear and tear on your machines.

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