Laundry Basics

Safe Laundry Practices to Protect Against the Spread of the Coronavirus

The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to affect communities throughout the United States and the world. Based on what we currently know about the virus, it is believed to be steadfast in fabric – meaning it may stick around on...

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For Property Owners

Now Apartment Owners Can Purchase Washers and Dryers

Looking to buy washers and dryers for your apartment’s common-area laundry room? Now you can purchase laundry machines directly from WASH. A leader in multifamily laundry since 1947, WASH sells top-brand commercial laundry equipment specially designed for multifamily settings, so...

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Temperature Guide

You Don’t Need Hot Water to Get Clothes Clean

When it comes to how you wash your clothes, you probably learned growing up that laundry should be sorted by color and washed at different temperatures. But according to experts from Consumer Reports, the traditional rules of laundry have changed....

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Stain Removal


Soak in warm water or cold water. An enzyme soak product may help. Brush area vigorously with a paste of detergent and hot water. Sponge with a borax or vinegar solution.

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Green Laundry

Remove Lint

If you use the dryer, clean the lint trap before starting your dry cycle. Dryer lint build-up can restrict air flow and cause poor dryer performance. With a dirty lint trap, your clothes will take longer to dry — and...

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Mobile Payment

The Benefits of Contactless Payment

In the current COVID-19 environment, the term “dirty money” takes on a whole new meaning. Handling cash requires physical interaction -- a sure way to spread germs. WASH offers innovative contactless systems that allow users to pay with a no-touch...

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