Viruses a major concern? Bacteria abound? Fungus among us? WASH has a system for that. Thanks to modern technologies, disinfection no longer requires the use of harsh chemicals or excessive heat to obtain a proper clean. Hospitals, nursing homes, gyms, hotels and many other facilities all have a dire need for potent disinfection, but also would like to reduce their chemical footprint. Enter ozone. Ozone systems have the capacity to provide a greater clean than other methods while being entirely eco-friendly.

Meet the EcoTex Ozone system brought to you by WASH!

How It Works

The EcoTex ozone system can be easily installed by a technician and is compatible with both existing and new commercial washer-extractors of all makes and models. The system works by mixing a catalyst into a cold-water infusion, which is then introduced to the wash load to rapidly clean and disinfect linens. Ozone acts faster than traditional chlorine bleach and is one and half times more effective. You read that right – it’s a better and more efficient disinfectant than bleach. It even outperforms hot water in disinfection capability. Truly a powerful sanitizer! The EcoTex system is outfitted with a programming panel to allow adjustments to suit any business’ disinfecting needs. The EcoTex system can effortlessly eliminate up to 99.99% of harmful microbes in every washed load, leaving your textiles clean and your facility safe.

Fiscally and Ecologically Friendly

The integration of the EcoTex ozone system uses less chemicals while being able to save you some serious green in the process. Replacing your thermal disinfection or bleach cycles with an ozone catalyst can reduce water usage by 20 to 40%, as well as cut hot water usage by up to 90%.  Ozone disinfection can have a huge impact on your wastewater production and chemical usage too, decreasing your chemical and detergent footprint by up to 30%! A reduction in chemical usage also means shorter cycles and shorter drying times. Less hot water usage, less harsh chemicals, less time spent rinsing and drying, more money in your pocket. Surely, there must be a caveat – is it bad for your linens? Nope! Ozone cleaning provides brighter, softer whites and reduces wear-and-tear on textiles too – all while providing a superior disinfection!

Discover the WASH Difference

If you operate a facility with on-premise laundry, you know there has never been a brighter spotlight on cleanliness and sanitization. Integrating EcoTex into your commercial washer-extractor system is an easy, affordable, and guaranteed way to squash germ concerns. Every load will be equipped with the ability to deactivate and remove harmful microbes quickly and effectively – granting safety and peace of mind to you and your staff. Learn more about our ozone systems or contact us today to request a quote!