Laundry rooms are a mainstay in many residential buildings. And while they’re a welcome amenity for residents, traditional laundry rooms can be a time-intensive hassle for facility owners and managers. Coins have to be collected on a regular basis. Machines break down and are left unreported. Thefts and vandalism mean both a loss of revenue and expensive repairs.

Fortunately, the wave of technological advances that are automating and simplifying home and business management has found its way into the multifamily laundry room. The new era of digital laundry rooms is revolutionizing the way people wash and dry their clothes — and the way properties manage their laundry facilities. Here are a few ways that is happening:

Cashless payment options: Convenience and flexibility for you and your residents
Today’s consumers want the convenience of cashless/digital payment options for — everything! Coins have all but disappeared from many people’s pockets, bags and wallets, and they can be hard to come by without making a special effort to collect them. For that reason and others, laundry rooms whose users have adopted mobile payment have shown significant increases in revenue.

And there’s a bonus for cashless payment facilities: As an owner or manager, cashless payment options enable you to easily increase or decrease pricing in any amount you choose, whenever you choose. You’re no longer constrained by the 25-cent increments of coin-operated machines. Plus, eliminating coin mechanisms also reduces service calls from coin jams, theft/vandalism and regular wear and tear.

Improved safety and security: Eliminating the risk and ‘ick factor’ of coins
If your facility has a coin-operated laundry, it’s almost certain you’ve dealt with theft — which usually comes with a side of vandalism and an expensive repair bill. Whether it’s laundry machines or coin changers, these repositories of quick cash are a huge temptation. Digital laundry rooms eliminate that temptation, helping you to retain all of the profits your facility is due.

Getting rid of coins also safeguards you and your laundry users in another way: by eliminating contact with coins that can transmit bacteria and viruses. In a post-pandemic world, that threat remains a real concern for a lot of people.

Real-time reports and analytics: Monitor and control from wherever you are
With traditional laundry facilities, owners or managers must physically visit the room to check on machines. Digital laundry technology enables you to keep eyes on your laundry facility whenever you want from wherever you are. You can easily monitor machine usage, performance and have up-to-date data at your fingertips for meetings and management decisions.

It gets even better when you use technology like the WASH-Connect App in your digital laundry room. Your residents can report issues with machines right in the app, giving you even more eyes on the status of your machines.

Take a Step Toward Better Laundry Room Management
Digital laundry rooms are a hot trend in property management because they offer increased convenience, efficiency and security for both tenants and property owners/managers. Upgrading is easier and more affordable than you may think!

Let WASH, a pioneer in multifamily laundry since 1947—with thousands of digital laundry rooms throughout the United States—be your guide. We’ll install your smart room technology and even take care of spreading the exciting news to your residents. Get started today!