One App Does It All


Use the WASH-Connect app to pay for laundry in participating WASH laundry rooms, request service, check machine availability and get alerts when your wash cycle is done.

About the App

With the WASH-Connect app, there’s no need to fumble for quarters, search the laundry room for available machines or guess when your laundry is done. The app automatically displays washers and dryers available nearby. You simply tap on the machine you want to use and pay right from your phone within seconds. You can get alerts when your laundry is finished. Plus, you have the added convenience of being able to request service right from the app and get refunds when needed. Refunds are easily credited to your digital wallet.

Mobile Payment

Pay right from your phone within seconds. Funding your account with a credit or debit card is quick and secure.

Laundry Monitoring

Monitor the laundry cycle in real time and get alerts when your laundry is done.

Request Service

Easily create, submit and get confirmation of service requests.

Features and Benefits


  • Mobile Payment – pay from your phone – no quarters needed
  • Laundry Monitoring – view availability of machines from outside or inside the laundry room
  • Cycle Countdown – real-time notifications and alerts when laundry is done
  • Service Request – easily create, submit and get confirmation of service requests
  • Fast and Secure Refunds – request refunds and receive credits to your in-app wallet
  • Track Usage – view history of payments, service requests and refunds
  • Security – no personal credit card data or numbers are stored
  • Regular App Updates – optimizes ease of use and continually improves functionality

Download Today



Laundry doesn’t have to be such a chore with the WASH-Connect app. Download the app and make laundry a snap.

Look for the Wash-Connect App Decal

You can use the WASH-Connect app on any washer or dryer displaying the WASH-Connect app decal in WASH common-area laundry rooms. As soon as you enter the laundry room, the app will automatically detect the enabled washers and dryers. Once you create your account, there is no additional pairing or configuration needed.

If you’d like your common-area laundry room enabled for the WASH-Connect app, have your property owner or manager contact us at

For Support:

Please visit this link or Call: (800) 342.5932