Mobile Pay

WASH offers several mobile pay options that allow residents
to use their smartphones to pay for laundry.

Ditch the Quarters and Get Mobile Pay!

The Benefits With a mobile pay-enabled laundry room, there are numerous benefits:

  • Increase in laundry room revenue
  • Removes cash from the laundry room, reducing risk of vandalism and break-ins
  • Less service call management due to a reduction in coin jams and overfilling machines
  • Refunds, if needed, are easily handled within the app
  • Special offers and discounts promote additional laundry room usage
  • Laundry payment is fast, simple and secure
  • No need to stock up on coins for laundry

We are happy to report that we are seeing an increase in laundry room usage and revenue from our clients with high mobile-pay adoption. Plus, recent surveys of residents indicate their appreciation of the convenient features of mobile payment.

How It Works WASH currently offers several mobile payment solutions, including our newly released WASH-Connect app. WASH-Connect makes it easy for residents to pay for laundry right from their phones. Here’s how it works:

  1. Installation: WASH installs WASH-Connect devices on the washers and dryers that wirelessly connect the machines to the app via Bluetooth.
  2. Promotion: We post signs in your laundry room and add decals to the machine to educate residents on how to use WASH-Connect.
  3. Using the App: Available for Android and iPhone, residents download the free WASH-Connect app. Using the app, they can select a machine and send the digital vend payment right from their phones. The vend amount will be debited from their digital wallets. The machine will start just as if coins were inserted.

Plus, residents can use the WASH-Connect app to request service, get refunds, monitor laundry status and get alerts when their wash is finished. If you’d like to get WASH-Connect for your laundry room, please contact us for a free consultation.