Welcome to the WASH Digital Laundry Room

The Future of Laundry is Here

Future-proof your laundry room with WASH’s digital laundry room solutions. Our smart laundry rooms offer all the modern convenience of a cashless laundry room, with unparalleled security, reductions in service calls, vandalism and theft, and instant visibility to laundry room operations. Plus, WASH provides a variety of customizable tech bundles to transform the laundry room experience for you and your residents.

Pick the Bundle that’s Right for Your Laundry Room

All bundles come with the WASH-Connect app, an all-in-one
solution for mobile payment,
service requests, and more.

Bundle Features
  •    WASH-Connect App
       with Mobile Pay
  •    Service Request
  •    100% Cashless
  •    Laundry Card
  •    Contactless Payment
  •    Card Swipe at Machine
  •    Multiple Cashless Payment

Bundle II

Mobile App + Card

Bundle III

Mobile App + Credit Card

Mobile App Bundle – Cashless and Cardless

You and your residents get all the convenience, security and benefits of 100% mobile payment

Mobile App + Card Bundle

Residents get their choice of easy-to-use mobile payment or contactless laundry card payment

Mobile App + Credit Card Bundle

Residents get their choice of our easy-to-use mobile app or credit card payment at the machine