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Solutions for Common Area Laundry Rooms

Turn your common area laundry rooms from a resource drain into a stress-free, profitable
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Say hello to your new laundry room revenue

At WASH, we want to make your job of managing your common area laundry rooms easier, and provide you with generous revenue sharing options while doing it. We will provide you with the equipment and service you need to keep your laundry rooms operating smoothly, and your residents happy.

Who is this solution for?

Happy Residents

Multifamily residents who are treated right and have what they need in their rental – including amenities like well-managed and advanced apartment laundry rooms – are happier and less likely to search for a new apartment. This means less turnover and more profit for the bottom line.

Deep roots

WASH was founded in 1947 as a young couple’s dream to provide affordable laundry services to apartment renters in fast-growing, post-WWII Los Angeles. Today, with 70,000 multifamily locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, apartment laundry room management remains our core business.

Tech forward

With WASH, apartment owners and property managers can stay on the forefront of new and emerging technology to ensure that the apartment laundry room experience is the best it can possibly be. With advancements such as mobile pay, laundry alerts, and an app that provides residents with a convenient way to report a problem, WASH makes it easy to incorporate technology into your multifamily laundry offerings.

Campus Laundry Rooms

WASH understands the unique needs of managing laundry rooms for students. That’s why we have a dedicated team of professionals solely focused on campus laundry rooms for colleges and universities. With an emphasis on eco-friendly operations, energy-efficient front-loaders, mobile payment and innovative technologies, such as our FIXLAUNDRY app and remote laundry monitoring, WASH’s dorm laundry rooms provide your students with the ultimate in convenience.

Value-Added Services

We pride ourselves on the extra degree of support we provide our more than 100 college and university customers. With value-added services such as communication in student move-in packets, free laundry days and soap giveaways, WASH is an involved partner. We will even help you educate your students on the basics of laundry, so they’ll have cleaner clothes and your machines will have less problems caused by user error. Also, now with our Just Like Home program, you have the option of offering students as many wash and dry cycles as needed, conveniently in their dorm laundry room.

Simply Great Laundry

When what you need – what your students want – is simply great laundry rooms. WASH’s dedicated campus laundry team can help: – Assess your college laundry room needs. – Design and decorate dorm laundry rooms to be the kind of place students want to be. – Provide the latest high-efficiency washers and dryers to help reduce water and energy consumption. – Keep your campus laundry rooms running efficiently and profitably. – Seamlessly integrate mobile laundry room payment or card systems. – Educate students on the basics of laundry.

Self-service guest laundry

Whether your designing a new laundry facility for your guests, or just looking for an upgrade, WASH can help. WASH specializes in providing expert laundry room management services to the hospitality industry including hotels, motels and even campgrounds.

The best for your guests

WASH will equip your common-area laundry room with top-of-the-line, energy-efficient washers and dryers, and expertly manage operations, including providing guest favorites like mobile payment. If you’re looking for equipment for your on-premise laundry, we can also provide top-of-the-line, heavy capacity commercial washers and dryers, and ozone systems that clean and disinfect your linens.

Safe & secure

With proprietary security features, strict accountability protocols, and cashless payment options, WASH keeps your guest laundry safe and secure by deterring break-ins, theft and vandalism.

What we offer

We understand different situations call for different solutions. That’s why we’ve provided the options for you to choose from:

360 Laundry Room Solution

If you are looking for a solution that will take care of everything for you — from washer and dryer leasing to the routine maintenance of the machines, and from service calls to upkeep and beautification of the laundry area — this is the solution for you.

Equipment Lease

If you need a simpler solution and are just looking to lease washers and dryers, this is your ideal solution.

Sales, Parts & Service

If you desire a more hands on approach, owning your laundry equipment is a great option.

Service Only

If you need a simpler solution and are just looking for service availability, this is your ideal solution.

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