Odds are, you’ve already seen different ways to pay with your phone or have experienced it yourself. With a simple swipe up on a phone screen, funds are digitally deducted and checkout is completely effortless. The purchasing experience has essentially been reinvented without the inefficiencies. No more rooting around for coins, no more inserting a chip. This effortless payment is reminiscent more of an online transaction — hassle free and one that inspires total confidence. Now, this revolutionary IoT tech is being brought to everyday expenditures, namely your laundry room.

When people take their load of laundry to a laundry room, they usually think of quarters. Often, this meant searching for quarters or having to acquire a roll of quarters. We’ve all been there. The need for coins becomes a barrier to the payment rather than a gateway. That’s why WASH is excited to offer mobile payment. By simply installing a small Bluetooth device to your machines, residents can easily download the app, add funds to their wallet and complete the transaction. Coin-free and completely convenient. In fact, when polled for their thoughts, a majority of users cited convenience as the stand-out difference that mobile payment could offer them. By removing the need for coins or yet another plastic card, there’s one less thing to potentially forget or to lose. One less obstacle toward completing the transaction.

Mobile payment convenience doesn’t end with ease of use, either. Consumers cited the speed of their transaction with mobile options as being just as much of a driving force as usability. The truth is, with the introduction of EMV-chipped credit cards, the use of a physical bank card has become a slow, non-intuitive process: an inconvenience in what was once a convenience-driven platform. The rise of mobile payment is bringing this convenience formerly associated with traditional credit/debit payment methods into the 21st Century, into your laundry room and into the palm your residents’ hands. Polling has shown that quality, cutting-edge amenities can help retain residents, and streamlining those amenities can only serve to sweeten the deal. Keep your residents satisfied and atrract new tenants by pairing WASH’s mobile technology with award-winning service!

Inquire today at www.washlaundry.com/mobilepay to have your laundry room transported into the 21st Century!