WASH Mobile Pay

WASH offers a quick, convenient and easy-to-use mobile
payment solution that allows residents to use their
smartphones to pay for laundry.

Ditch the Quarters & Get Mobile Pay for Laundry

Here’s how it works… Powered by PayRange, the leading in-app mobile payment service, the system is comprised of two components:

  1. The Hardware – PayRange BluKey™ devices are installed into washers and dryers that connect the machines to the PayRange mobile app via Bluetooth.
  2. The Mobile App – Available for Android and iPhone, the free PayRange app provides a fast and secure mobile payment service with machines accepting PayRange. Once downloaded, residents can redeem exclusive offers and add funds to their secure accounts to pay for a load of laundry via the mobile app.

This is a great advancement in laundry room payment technology and we are happy to report that we are already seeing an increase in laundry room usage and revenue from high-adoption properties. Plus, recent surveys of residents indicate their appreciation of the app’s convenient features. WASH handles the installation of the PayRange BluKey hardware and there is no extra cost to you, so offering mobile payment to your residents is easy.

To operate a PayRange-enabled laundry machine, residents will first need to download the PayRange mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. When the resident is in laundry room, the app will automatically find and display available machines when the app is launched. Residents can indicate the desired machine to use and send the digital vend payment to the laundry machine right from their phones. The applicable vend amount will be debited from their app account and all transactions are listed in the app. If they need a refund, they simply tap the transaction and request one. The purchase is completed just as if coins were inserted in the machine. It’s that simple!

The service leverages a resident’s Bluetooth on his or her smartphone, eliminating the need for complex and expensive hardware in the laundry room. Residents can add funds into the app using all major credit or debit cards and link up wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Masterpass. Credit card numbers are never sent to the laundry machine, and the card information is never stored in the app.

  • After downloading the app, the first wash or dry is free!
  • No need to stock up on coins for laundry
  • Laundry payment is fast, simple and secure
  • Increase in laundry room revenue
  • Special offers and discounts promote additional laundry room usage
  • Removes cash from the laundry room, reducing risk of vandalism and break-ins
  • Less service call management due to a reduction in coin jams and overfilling machines
  • Refunds, if needed, are easily handled by redeeming a given coupon code in the app
  • No extra fees for you or your residents
  • Using coins for laundry is still an option. Now residents have more choices!
WASH’s mobile payment systems are safe and secure. It does not store or handle any personal credit-card data or numbers. All infrastructure partners are PCI and ISO 8000 compliant. Plus, each step in the process is securely encrypted. Contact us today to learn more about our mobile payment system options.

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