It’s time to switch to cashless payment!

Consumer behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic has created scarcity in surprising ways. It all started with toilet paper. Later, flour and yeast disappeared from shelves. Now the pandemic’s strange patterns of scarcity are coming for your pocket change.

The normal flow of quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies through banks and businesses around the country has slowed to a trickle. People are hanging on to their coins—from a lack of places to spend or redeem them, a fear of spreading the virus and other reasons.

In response, Kroger has stopped giving coins back as change for cash purchases, and Walmart has asked consumers to use a card or pay with correct change. Other stores are following suit. “Spare change” is not what it used to be, and your residents may be hard-pressed to come up with the coins they need to do their laundry.

WASH to the rescue!
As a WASH partner, you can give your residents access to a variety of payment options beyond coins. All of our cashless payment solutions include our WASH-Connect app, a feature-packed, all-in-one solution your residents will love:

  • Mobile Payment. Pay directly from a smartphone—no coins needed!
  • Laundry Monitoring. View availability of machines from outside or inside the laundry room.
  • Cycle Countdown. Real-time notifications and alerts when laundry is done.
  • Service Request. Easily create, submit and get confirmation of service requests.
  • Fast and Secure Refunds.Request refunds and receive credits to a digital wallet inside the app.
  • Track Usage. View history of payments, service requests and refunds.

Personal credit card data is never stored within the WASH-Connect app, making it a secure choice for you and your residents. We regularly update the app to fine-tune its performance, and we add new features from time to time to make it even more convenient and valuable.

You can choose to use our mobile app exclusively—After all, it’s the most secure and touch-free way for your residents to pay for their laundry services. However, you can also give your residents the option to use the mobile app or a WASH laundry card, credit card or your own existing laundry card.

Now more than ever before, your residents are looking to you to provide convenient, safe and reliable choices for them to pay for their laundry services. WASH is here to help! Get started today by requesting a free quote.