Did you know the average family washes their clothes over 300 times a year? That’s a huge number. And, when you’re running a business with a multifamily laundry area like a hotel or apartment, those running costs add up fast!

Plus, the initial outlay on such machines is expensive, not to mention maintenance. But did you know you can lease your machines? This is the preferred option for many, so we’re going to delve deeper. Let’s see why leasing laundry equipment for your facility is a worthwhile investment.

The Importance of Planning and Preparation
Do your research. As a property owner or manager, you’ll know that a lack of preparation most often leads to overspending. The initial outlay on laundry equipment is high, so it’s important to know how much you can expect to save over the long term.

First things first, know your budget. If your budget seems low, increase it. Laundry is essential to everyone’s well-being.

That’s true whether you’re running an apartment laundry service or a hotel service. After all, clean clothes are a basic human right. You’ll soon find yourself out of pocket or with a sea of unhappy customers.

So make sure that if the funds aren’t available, they should be. That’s why leasing laundry machines is so great. It’s much easier to budget month-on-month or set-up a revenue share arrangement than to invest in one big chunk.

When working out what you need, everything comes down to numbers in more ways than one. Let’s break down those numbers for you.

How Many People Are You Serving?
How many people are on your premises at any one time? The bigger your operation is, the greater the number of washes you’ll likely have to perform. But also factor in seasonal changes.

For many, washers and dryers will get used more in the summer regardless of how many people are present. Meanwhile, if you’re operating somewhere that involves outdoor activities, like a campground, your guests will be getting muddy daily, so they may find themselves doing many washes a day.

What Times Are They Using the Machines?
We’ve already mentioned above that most families do almost one wash a day. The question then is, how many cycles will the machine go through in a day?

Divide these two numbers and add a couple of spare appliances for a rough estimate of how many appliances you will need.

It isn’t that simple, as you know, but it gives you a good starting point to work with when working out where all these appliances will go.

Where Will They Use the Machines?
This one is all about strategic planning. Know how your guests or tenants move around the building.

If you’re operating in a high-rise building, the chances are you’ll need units on multiple levels. Or your establishment is flat but covers a large land area. Then you’ll need to scatter the laundry rooms strategically.

The location of the machines plays another pivotal role – Space. If you know you don’t have much space for appliances, good laundry room design is crucial — you might need to lease smaller stackable model washers and dryers.

Alternatively, if you know your clients will be washing a lot at once, such as adventurers, fewer larger drums may be the preferred option.

How Many Appliances Do You Need?
With all this information, how many appliances you need requires careful consideration of all the above. The chances are that even if you’ve scattered the appliances to minimize disruption, one room may need more appliances than another.

The total number can help you work out how many appliances you’ll need – But remember, it’s just a rough guide. So, look at whether that laundry room will become overcrowded or not and where you may need to compromise.

Why Leasing Laundry Appliances Is a No-Brainer
And, so it becomes clear why leasing laundry appliances is a blessing for complex requirements like this.

The great thing when you lease washers and lease dryers it’s the responsibility of laundry leasing company to handle all of the particulars. Expert installers can come and do all the hard work for you.

Otherwise, you might find you’re wasting countless hours on laundry room set-up and maintenance.

Lease Your Laundry Equipment Today
The best way to make sure that you aren’t wasting money on overstocked machines is to plan how many washes will occur. Also, consider what types of clothing your users will most likely be washing. That will help you get your maximized return on investment and manage your budget for profitable laundry room operations.

The point is that leasing laundry equipment will save you in the long run. But it’s crucial to get the equipment you need in a way that supports your business model.

Get in touch today and see how we can help your multifamily property keep clean!