Shopping. Banking. Dining. Dating. Transportation. Entertainment. The list goes on and on. Members of Gen Z — people born between 1997 and 2012, including most of today’s college students — live their lives connected to technology. And with 68.6 million Gen Z’ers in the United States alone, their influence is undeniable.

So it makes sense that today’s tech-savvy college students jump at the chance to use smartphone technology in the laundry room. It fits perfectly into the flow of their everyday lives, offering a familiar way to take care of an essential task. Enter the WASH-Connect app! With mobile payment and other attractive features, our proprietary laundry app enables college students to make washday a more pleasant and rewarding experience.

Quick and Convenient
Students are busy—and it’s a good bet that doing laundry isn’t on their list of fun things to do. The WASH-Connect app’s mobile payment option means no more messing around with coin changers or laundry card dispensers.

The convenience of WASH’s mobile payment has perks for you, too. users prefer to do laundry using mobile pay over other payment methods like coin or laundry card

An All-in-One Resource
The WASH-Connect App puts the full laundry experience at your students’ fingertips. No more hunting down a laundry room attendant or other building employee for help or information. And no more guessing about the proper way to use the machines—which can end up damaging laundry and/or the machines themselves. Through the app, users can:

  • Monitor the laundry process—Easily identify available machines, check on how much time is left in the wash or dry cycle and get a push notification when the cycle is complete.
  • Report breakdowns—Create and submit service requests then get confirmation. It also expedites the repair process, decreasing downtime and keeping the highest possible number of machines available for use whenever your students need them.
  • Request Refunds—Request refunds and receive credits directly from the in-app wallet. An immediate and simple resolution makes for more satisfied customers today and fewer potential issues for you down the road.
  • Expert Laundry Support—Get the help college students need to successfully navigate the world of laundry care. Today’s students may be tech wizards, but most of them need a hand in the clothes-cleaning department. In the WASH-Connect App, users will find a basket-load of tips, tutorials, articles and FAQs on a wide range of laundry topics, such as proper sorting strategies, reducing wrinkles, removing stains and dealing with laundry mishaps. It’s like having a laundry expert right in their pocket!
  • Access the most current tech—We are always listening to feedback from our users and

Like laundry detergent and fabric softener, Gen Z and the WASH-Connect App make a perfect pair in the laundry room! Learn more about the full range of services WASH offers, including our mobile payment options.