Handling someone else’s packages is a lot of responsibility and can be overwhelming. And with an explosion in demand for online orders and more people working from home than ever, apartment buildings are receiving a record number of parcels. With 6.68 million packages delivered daily by FedEx alone, many apartment complexes can no longer rely on staff for parcel delivery and pick-up. Luckily, installing a smart package locker system is a simple solution that can make managing packages much easier. Here are three reasons to upgrade your apartment complex by installing Luxer One smart lockers, now available through WASH.

1. Smart Lockers Are the Modern Solution

Traditional mailboxes don’t meet the needs of today’s residents. With a smart locker system, you can accommodate more packages and streamline delivery. Smart lockers save apartment managers an average of four hours of staff time daily by eliminating the time required to deal with residents’ packages. Luxer One locker systems bring contemporary features, including:

    • A Luxer One mobile app that notifies residents of package delivery with a one-time access code to the package room;
    • 24/7 live phone and email support from the Luxer One team of experts for issues with delivery, security, missing items or the lockers themselves;
    • Photo capture and required signature for proof of all pick-ups;
    • Video camera surveillance.
2. Customization is King

As an apartment manager, you need a customizable storage solution tailored to the specific needs of your multifamily property. Luckily, customizing lockers to fit your building is simple with WASH and Luxer One.

    • Choose from a variety of locker sizes, door combinations, and colors. Brand your lockers with your property’s logo to create a seamless and cohesive look.
    • Convert an existing space into a secure locker solution that accommodates 100% of packages, regardless of size.
    • Use your existing storage room to provide a smart and secure overflow room.

Do residents get their groceries delivered weekly? Refrigerated units are available for storing perishable deliveries, so food can be kept fresh. Adjustable shelves within the refrigerators can accommodate deliveries of all heights, such as large and small bouquets of fresh flowers.

3. Amplify Resident Satisfaction with an In-Demand Amenity

Gone are the days of scheduling lives around deliveries. Residents want amenities that complement their busy lives. According to Apartments.com, 84% of survey respondents stated that secure, self-service, 24/7 package access was one of the best amenities an apartment building could offer. If you’re looking to amplify your residents’ satisfaction, you need to:

    • Offer a package locker system that meets their needs
    • Offer convenience, security and flexibility
    • Assure that both residents and apartment owners can rest easy knowing that packages are safe with best-in-business Luxer One smart lockers

Thanks to our partnership with Luxer One, we’ve added the nation’s top-rated package locker system to our best-in-class lineup of WASH services.  Multifamily facilities can now enjoy the advantages of automated package lockers and our state-of-the-art smart laundry rooms through a single point of contact.

Contact us today to discuss how your apartment complex can own the nation’s top-rated package locker system! wash.com/luxerone