Mobile payment is everywhere. You can now use your phone to pay for everything from groceries to gas. But, perhaps the most convenient form of mobile payment is for laundry. Thanks to mobile payment, gone are the days of coin laundry machines and collecting mountains of quarters just to do your wash. Mobile payment is a welcome change for apartment residents, especially given today’s coin shortage problems. In fact, research shows 85% of residents express interest in a cashless laundry system instead of old-fashioned coin laundry machines.

However, truly “smart” laundry goes beyond just mobile payment to include a variety of convenient technology, tools, and support. Let’s unpack the hamper and discover the benefits of smart laundry.

Variable Laundry Pricing
If you’ve ever done laundry in a laundromat or a multifamily common-area laundry room with coin laundry machines, you know that vend pricing is traditionally by the quarter. That means if pricing goes up, it increases by 25-cent increments. With smart laundry, price changes are made easily and in any amount. There can even be different pricing for peak and off-peak wash times.

Simplified Laundry Service
Machine out of order? No problem. With smart laundry, you can request service right from your mobile app. And, if repairs are needed, a technician will automatically be dispatched to your location. You can even get updates when the work is completed.

Quicker Laundry Refunds
With smart laundry, residents can handle refunds in the app, and they’ll quickly get a credit to their digital wallet. There’s no waiting for a claim to be filed or a check to be mailed like in the days of coin laundry machines because that just isn’t smart.

Laundry Monitoring & Alerts
One of apartment residents’ favorite smart laundry solutions is monitoring. With smart laundry, there are no more time-wasting treks down to the laundry room only to find all the machines full. You can use your phone to check remotely. How convenient is that? Plus, you can get alerts and notifications when your laundry is done, so you can go about your business and don’t have to be stuck in the laundry room waiting for your washer or dryer.

Machine Learning & Real-time Data
Smart laundry helps management reduce washer and dryer downtime as well. There are also analytics advantages to smart laundry where managers can access real-time data on laundry room operations including revenue, cycle tracking, usage and repair history. Thanks to these analytics, it’s easy to schedule predictive maintenance or replace machines before they have issues.

Quick Resources
Looking for tips on removing a stubborn stain? Need help with a dryer that isn’t drying? Smart laundry provides quick access to help and resources to make laundry easier with various tutorials, how-to guides and videos available online and in-app.

Plus, WASH offers top energy-efficient washers and dryers from manufacturers like Speed Queen with resident-friendly controls and features. So, if you’re looking to make a smart upgrade from old coin laundry machinest, WASH can help with the equipment and smart technology to make it a success. To learn more about WASH’s smart digital laundry solutions, visit and