In the current COVID-19 environment, the term “dirty money” takes on a whole new meaning. Handling cash requires physical interaction — a sure way to spread germs.

WASH offers innovative contactless systems that allow users to pay with a no-touch laundry card or a Bluetooth-enabled app from their smartphones. Voila! No unnecessary handling.

Is Contactless Safe?
Even before COVID rocked our world, contactless and digital payment methods were becoming more mainstream. Not only is it more convenient, users are more secure from cyber-theft and establishments that utilize cashless payment also have a reduced risk of on-site vandalism and theft.

Contactless cards are embedded with a communication antenna used for close- proximity payments via radio waves. The card creates a dynamic code, which is unique for each individual transaction.

Another great contactless option is mobile pay. Mobile payment is superior to credit cards because your information is never given directly to the merchant during a transaction. Digital wallets use authentication, monitoring and data encryption to secure your personal information.

The truth is contactless cards, mobile pay and digital wallets are far more secure than other payment methods, including cash.

Coming Clean
Now, let’s talk about how all this technology translates to tackling dirty laundry.

  • Contactless WASH Laundry Cards
    WASH already understood the hassle of having to collect and handle quarters to do laundry. Thus, the contactless WASH laundry card was born. It’s even more relevant now, as we strive to stay healthy by limiting our exposure to shared surfaces. Each WASH-enabled machine has the option of a reader that can process your laundry card payment.
  • WASH-Connect App
    You also can download the sparkling new WASH-Connect app (Android and iPhone) and pay through your mobile device.

This convenient and easy-to-use app allows users to:

  • Easily find an available machine
  • Pay from a mobile phone
  • Get how-to laundry advice
    • Monitor the laundry cycle in real time
    • Get alerts when the laundry is done
    • Receive perks from using the app in the form of coupons and loyalty rewards
    • Request service help
    • Request refunds credited directly to digital wallets

The real convenience is that you still can wear clean clothes even if you don’t have any spare change.

Think Smart
WASH smart laundry rooms provide the convenience of cashless payments, improved safety and security, reduced need for service calls and the option of connectivity for real-time visibility.

WASH does all this by offering customizable tech bundles to transform the laundry room experience for owners and residents alike. Request a quote for your property.