With more convenient payment options, cash and even credit cards are no longer the preferred way to pay. As your residents are busy scanning their phones to purchase everything from an afternoon latte to virtual yoga classes, they’re becoming accustomed to using mobile apps virtually anywhere. That can include doing their laundry.

Why is mobile payment so popular?

• Safety: Mobile payments are a safer option. Your phone is: harder to misplace than currency or credit cards; more noticeable if dropped; encrypted with security features if lost; and less enticing for theft than a loaded wallet or purse. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, you are also far less likely to share germs when using contactless payment.

• Convenience: Many people opt to leave their wallets or purses at home, and joyfully ditch routine stops at an ATM or searching for quarters. And while credit cards have made payments almost instant by inserting a chip or swiping a mag stripe, now a simple wave of your hand or a simple tap will do via a mobile payment app.

• Revenue Boosting: The great news for property owners and managers is that in laundry rooms with high mobile payment adoption, there have been significant revenue upticks. So, the more convenient payment, the more residents will spend on laundry.

In fact, a recent study revealed that 85 percent of residents are interested in cashless laundry payment solutions.*

As a leader in laundry tech, WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems is responding by offering an easy-to-use mobile payment solution through its WASH-Connect app.

Embracing the WASH-Connect mobile payment technology in your common-area laundry rooms adds the safety and convenience your residents have come to expect, while increasing laundry revenue and requiring less of your time, maintenance and — certainly — fewer jammed quarters.

Plus, the WASH-Connect app offers a host of other features designed to make laundry day a whole lot easier:

• Residents have more control over their experience. In connected laundry rooms, they can use the app to check remotely which machines are available, and when wash and dry cycles are complete.
• Users can request service, refunds and report issues — all directly through the app.
• The app comes stocked with laundry advice, stain removal tips and educational resources.

Upgrading your equipment also is easier than you might think. WASH installs the smart room technology that allows residents to connect to the machines using Bluetooth right from their mobile devices.

For more on how to update your laundry room with mobile pay technology, visit www.washlaundry.com/mobilepay.

*February 2020 WASH Resident Survey