Residents appreciate the convenience of mobile pay for laundry, but they also love the savings. Did you know that WASH offers a series of discount campaigns and in-app offers to increase mobile adoption and fuel laundry room usage?

First Wash Free – a free trial offer

Accelerated Firsts – new users get 75-percent off wash or dry, twice

Monthly Promotions – engaging current users with 50-percent off wash or dry, two times each month.

We can even help you spread the word to your residents with a variety of promotional materials.

Bottom line: With mature mobile pay locations, laundry room revenue is increasing and residents love the convenience and discounts. But, the benefits of mobile pay don’t stop there!

  • Security removes cash from property and no personal credit-card data or numbers are stored
  • Less service calls due to a reduction in coin jams and overfilling machines
  • Easy refunds by crediting the resident’s account with a push of a button or coupon code
  • No additional cost — the app is free to use

Mobile payment is just one example of how WASH is transforming the customer experience with tech-forward solutions and innovations.