Doing your laundry may seem like a complicated affair. With questions like: 

  • How much detergent should be used? 
  • What goes where?  
  • How do you operate the machine?  

It may all seem like rocket science to you…but it’s certainly not. Here are 10 simple steps for better laundry:  

  1. First, check the labels for washing instructions and remove any objects from your pockets. 
  2. Next, separate clothes into whites and darks to prevent your whites from discoloring. 
  3. If your clothes have stains, treat them. 
  4. Now, fill the washer only ¾ of the way full to ensure a better wash. 
  5. Add detergent – don’t overfill, and if using Pods, put directly in the drum. 
  6. Select your temperature. Use hot for whites and cold for colors.  
  7. And, now you can start the machine. 
  8. When washer is done, put your clothes into the dryer and select desired settings. 
  9. Take clothes out of the dryer when it stops to prevent wrinkling. 
  10. Then you can hang or fold clothes. 

That’s all there’s to it.