WASH is outstanding in our field thanks to our cutting-edge technology and personalized customer service. Our highly trained service technicians are ready with “boots on the ground” should you have any service issue requiring on-site attention.
We stand by our promise to deliver excellent service that goes above and beyond what is currently standard in the laundry industry.

New Benefits
So, what’s different? We are rolling out a series of improvements and upgrades to bring you the best and most current technology. Now, when a service ticket is submitted electronically through the WASH-Connect app, online or over the phone, you can opt in to receive email update alerts to track our progress every step of the way.
WASH keeps your laundry room operating at peak efficiency so that you won’t lose revenue through inoperative washers or dryers. This enhanced system of communication and accountability allows for more-efficient service in the following ways:

• Instant Email Notifications — You will be alerted when a service issue has been reported and be given real-time updates on status. This includes when a technician is en route and when repairs have been completed.

• Fix-It Quick — A technician will show up with the needed parts already in hand. Before they arrive, our techs can instantly check parts inventory, access machine specs and review guides to boost equipment performance. This process delivers faster response times and improves first-time fix rates.

• Resident Alerts — If residents request the service, they also will automatically get an email alert when the machine is fixed or the issue has been resolved so they can get back to the business of coming clean.

• Facility Issues Warning — If there’s ever a laundry facility problem at your location, such as a plumbing or electrical issue that needs repair, you will be alerted immediately.

• Robust Reporting — Service history details are tracked and you can even request to have custom reports delivered directly to your inbox.
These changes make our field service solutions even stronger. Our techs can respond faster and get the job done more effectively. You can keep your attention focused on other aspects of running your property while we take care of your residents’ dirty laundry.