These days, there’s no shortage of app-based experiences—everything from healthcare to ordering fast food is readily available through purpose-made apps. We engage with our smartphones every day, and their use is only increasing. The average American spends 88% of their smartphone screen time engaging with apps versus using their device’s web browser. It should come as no surprise, then, that there are apps for doing laundry, too. But not all laundry apps are created equally. Read on to discover the unique perks offered to users of the WASH-Connect laundry app!

The Cash-Free Experience
The most well-known and convenient feature of the WASH-Connect app is the ability to do your laundry without needing coins. Say goodbye to coin laundry machines and flipping couch cushions hunting for coins whenever you need clean clothes. Thanks to the WASH-Connect app, clean laundry is just a few swipes and taps away.

Remember jammed coin laundry machines? That’s a thing of the past! The cash-free aspect of the app isn’t the only perk. Unlike coin laundry machines, getting a refund is easier than ever before. Request a refund right through the app, and it’s handled quickly and easily. Machine downtime? The app can handle that too. Simply submit a request, and a mobile technician is automatically assigned to your location. You’ll even get updates on the issue, so you know it’s being handled. Can a coin laundry machine do that?

A Wealth of Utility
While we can’t overstate the convenience of mobile payment—seriously, it’s excellent—the usefulness of the WASH-Connect laundry app goes beyond the luxuries of effortless payment. Gone are the days of tracking your building’s busy laundry hours, timing your cycles, and uncertainty about machine availability. You can quickly check machine status from the app’s interface and even receive push alerts to notify you when your machine has completed its cycle. Through smart laundry, shared laundry has never been more seamless.

If you encounter an issue that doesn’t require a technician’s attention, the WASH-Connect laundry app offers assistance through accessible laundry resources and machine troubleshooting. From basic how-tos and tips to in-depth tutorials on stain removal and delicate material care, our rich collection of informational resources come together to offer in-app knowledgebase with educational material for the laundry newbie and the seasoned veteran and everywhere in between. Simply put, the WASH-Connect laundry app provides a helping hand whenever you need it.

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