Staining your favorite shirt has got to be the worst feeling, right? We agree – but don’t let a stain send your favorite garments into the trash. We can save it… we have the laundry hacks! The best part is, most of these solutions are likely available around your household!

  1. Shaving Cream – Got makeup on your shirt? Apply a dollop of shaving cream to a foundation stain, allow to sit for a few minutes, and then work the material to loosen, rinsing with cold water. Repeat as needed. Once the stain is gone, launder the item as usual.
  2. The Power of Friction – Remove off-putting deodorant spots on clothing with the power of friction! Rub the affected material with a dryer sheet, or even other clothing, and watch the stain disappear.
  3. Distilled White Vinegar – Ah, the all-powerful white vinegar. Not only does it make clothing more vibrant (even dark clothes!), it kills mildew and is great for a variety of stains. Try white vinegar on tea/coffee, grass, tomato-based stains, sweat stains and so much more! Caution: Never to use vinegar with bleach.
  4. Dish Soap and Baby Powder – There are some strange hacks to remove grease from laundry out there. For a reliable option, dish soap works great to pretreat oil or grease stains on laundry. If heavily affected by grease, cover site with baby powder and allow to sit overnight to absorb the excess oils.
  5. Household Peroxide — While peroxide has many stain-fighting uses, it really shines at removing protein stains like blood or other bodily fluids. Popular brands of color-safe bleach often use hydrogen peroxide as their cleaning agent for its incredible stain-fighting ability.
  6. Lemon Juice – As an all-natural bleaching agent, a half cup of lemon juice works wonders to remove stains from whites — and it’s nice and easy on the skin

Before you try any of these stain hacks, keep in mind that you should always spot-test any cleaning solution on a small patch, out of sight, to be sure the method is safe for your fabric.

Improper cleaning can set-in a stain or damage fabric, so if the item is particularly valuable to you, maybe opt for professional assistance. We invite you to check out our library as well as our social media for articles, videos and more tips!