When it comes to trends in multifamily laundry, digital rooms are leading the charge. Demand for laundry machines with digital payment has roughly doubled since the start of the pandemic.[1] And, it’s a habit that’s likely to stick. Among those who started using their smartphones to pay during the pandemic, approximately 70 percent said they intend to continue afterwards.[2] It has become so prevalent that 15 percent of digital wallet users say they regularly leave their homes without their old-school wallet.[3]

Today’s smart laundry rooms offer residents more than the convenience of modern cashless payment — they offer more security and fewer service calls, and also cut down on vandalism and theft. Plus, managers get better visibility to laundry room operations and revenue reporting. If you haven’t upgraded your laundry room yet, consider these advantages:

  1. Residents Prefer Cashless Payment – Residents love the convenience of being able to pay with an app or contactless card. In fact, 85 percent of WASH residents surveyed expressed interest in a cashless laundry solution. But you may be surprised to learn that this also adds up to an increase in laundry room revenue. As it turns out, the easier laundry payment is, the more laundry they’ll do.
  2. Digital Laundry Is Simple – Ease goes beyond payment. With digital laundry, residents simply have more control over their laundry experience. From checking machine availability to reporting a broken machine, to getting stain removal tips, a laundry app makes doing laundry so much more convenient.
  3. Safe and Secure – Digital laundries are a safer option than traditional coin-operated rooms. Encrypted with security features and less enticing for theft than a wallet or purse, digital payments are more secure. Plus, contactless payment is relatively germ free.
  4. No More Coin Jams – When you switch to digital payment, you eliminate one of the biggest causes of out-of-order machines – coin jams. With cashless, digital laundry, there are simply no need for coins, so there are no more jams and less vandalism.
  5. Upgrades Are Hassle Free – Upgrading to a digital laundry room is easier than you might think. A professional laundry room management company such as WASH, can handle installing the smart room technology and even promote the upgrade to residents.

WASH, a pioneer in multifamily laundry since 1947, with thousands of digital laundry rooms throughout the United States, is once again transforming the laundry experience with its new breakthrough digital technology and its WASH-Connect app. If you want your laundry room to be convenient and hassle free as well as profitable, then WASH has a solution for you. Check out our digital bundles or request a free consultation to find the customized digital solution that’s best for your property.

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