COVID-19: 5 Things You Should Know

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At WASH, we are doing our part to keep your communities’ laundry rooms running safely, while protecting our associates, our clients and your residents.  

Here are five things you should know:

  1. We’re Here for You – We want to assure you that WASH remains operational. We have contingency plans in place so that we are prepared to remain up and running throughout this pandemic.
  1. Safe Laundry Practices Are Vital –We’ve developed a series of safe laundry tips to protect against the spread of the coronavirus. Please share this information with your residents. If you or someone in your household has the virus, we urge you to follow the CDC’s guidance for the washing and handling of laundry. You also can download our poster to put up in your laundry room and help educate your residents.
  1. Laundry Is an Essential Service and Must Remain Accessible — Please leave your laundry rooms and add value stations accessible to residents so they can do laundry. Laundry has been included in the essential activities list in most municipalities. If there are changes in laundry room or office operating hours, or new social distancing protocols, please find creative ways to allow access to your add value stations and laundry rooms. This might include limiting the number of residents in the laundry room at one time. You also may offer specially timed access to the add value stations that are located inside the currently closed offices.
  1. Operating Policies – At WASH, we’ve made changes to our operating policies to limit non-essential activities and focus entirely on servicing machines and keeping laundry rooms operational and available to residents. That means that for the time being, our technicians and field associates will no longer be performing:
  • Vend increases
  • Non-essential install activity
  • Removal of owners’ or other laundry vendors’ machines
  • Collections on low-volume locations

Due to reduced call center capacity, we are also encouraging customers to submit service requests online at or through our free WASH-Connect mobile app. When you use the website or the app, your request is automatically entered into our dispatch system and there is no need to speak to an agent.

  1. Social Distancing and Other Precautions – Our team members are following the guidance of the CDC for social distancing and taking other preventative precautions like frequent hand washing, disinfecting high-touch surfaces and wearing gloves. At this time, our technicians cannot stop in the management office and they are required to keep at least a six-foot distance between themselves and others during service visits.

Thank you for trusting WASH with your laundry. Together we can help protect against the spread of COVID-19.



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